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Writer of your own story
It was as though I had died too,
Encased in wood; set a flame.
A pile of ashes headed for the grave.
The dead have it easy, you see.
Their lives left for the living to unwind,
Dead ends leading nowhere,
Unfinished stories of a muse sick author,
Left hanging on a single word, a single line
“And then she breathed her last breath, before”
“Before the girl rose from her slumber”
Because I never died, I merely fell asleep
Only to reawaken to find the world had left me behind.
Your story cannot be built on the lives of the dead.
They can’t fill the book that is your own
Because that tome is yours and yours alone.
I found the page where I left off that day
And readied my pen.
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Mature content
It was a good Day :iconamaywolf:amaywolf 0 0
Let me
Let Me convey
The Emotions of the soul to you
through words of ink, written on my heart.
Let me Sing to you
of sadness,
of love,
of hope divine.
Let me relight the flames of passion in your eyes,
and the fires within your soul.
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Silence of the Mermaid Song of the Dragon Chapter3
Chapter 3 Lilly
          Lilly pulled herself onto the sand, her weight making the sand give way leaving a wet trail behind her. Her head throbbed as the intelligence potion made her take in everything around her from the square shape of the grains of sand, to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks, the position of the stars and how many windows there were on this side of the castle. Forty eight, she counted, but they were covered with what looked like a shiny transparent material. She could hear the night birds her sisters had told her so much about and for a minute she wished everything would just be silent.
          Lilly lifted herself up the granules scraping at her sensitive skin and sat herself up. She was coated in a layer of sand and felt terribly uncomfortable. Try as she might she couldn’t wipe it away. She wondered if this was a common problem with humans, then decided to contemplate her last potential mom
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Silence of the Mermaid Song of the Dragon Chapter2
Chapter 2 Alastair
          Prince Alastair starred out from his balcony looking over the small land that his family ruled. The walls of the castle were high to protect the castle town from unwanted invaders and creatures of the deep forest. It was fairly large for being such a remote kingdom with small farms in the distance  that frequently were attacked by thieves, so much that they often had guards posted out in those areas to protect them. The door to his room opened, but when he turned around to see who was there he found that no one was there. Frowning he crossed his room to close the door making sure that the latch caught this time before he went back to continue his musings.
          The stars were bright tonight and the northern lights moved like green ribbons across the sky. He smiled despite himself. It was a beautiful night, the scent of the garden wafted up to his room making him delirious. A soft knock on his door w
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Silence of the Mermaid Song of the Dragon Chapter1
Chapter 1: Lilly
   Lilly had stared up at bleakness of the dark water for years watching as her older sisters, one by one, had their chance to see the sun. They spoke of the land, the sky, the celestial movement, animals and of the creatures called humans. She could feel the excitement building in her chest as the days grew closer that she could leave their undersea home. The only lights she had ever witnessed were all of the glowing fish and algae that they planted all over the coral and castle. Lilly pestered her older sisters pulling the seashell combs from their long flowing hair until they would finally give up and tell her their stories from the surface once again.
           It was the eldest of her sister Marina that grew tired of her antics first and sat her down on a rock with a sigh.
           “Lilly.” she started sitting herself down on a rock opposite her, pulling up a mirror. “You ha
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Knight in the tower
Alastair could feel the mist building around himself as he rode towards the tower. The blood red sky gave way to the pale moonlight which dyed the world around him shades of blue. The entrance was barely visible though the outreaching thorns and roses. He could feel his heart in his throat and he dismounted from Sammy to unload his gear and get a fire started. The fire gave him comfort that things would be okay in the end, that this would be nothing more than an empty tower, an empty promise of life changing fate. Nothing more than chasing shadows and dreams before his return home and to his marriage to Lynette. After what he had seen the last few days that bit of normalcy would be a relief. He sighed grabbing his sword. The cold steel felt heavy in his hands as he raised it above his head and began slashing at the tangled mess to clear his way into the tower.
The brittle briars shattered below the razor blade flashing light lightning in the moonlight. The work took far less time than
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She is one of my greatest sins,
I feel her touch on my lips,
and shutter as I feel her coursing through my veins.
So delirious,
But never have I felt so thoughtful in my life.
More than anything I want more of her,
her touch;
her taste;
the sensation as she sends my skin afire,
tingling with passion and desire,
filling my head with such a need and creative fire.
Her kiss on my lips
sweet, but bitter with such a licorice flavor.
Green with envy am I to know,
I am not the only lover that she knows,
but she is only passing though,
to her she has no heart true.
I would give almost anything to have more of her,
Oh please,
Just another glassful...
Please have mercy on me,
My little green fairy
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Let go
Her memory Lingers in my everyday shadows,
Her scent caught in unwashed clothes
hung and preserved
like she will return for them
one day.
Linens folded neatly into boxes
and stored without thought
waiting for their use again.
She lingers in the corners of my mind
unable to rest,
Her memory scarring my existence,
starring at me from that prison
called a body.
I cry because I could not save her,
or release her from that prison
that could no longer move, or speak
only stare as life went on around her
without her.
I pack the car with boxes
send them away
I don't know who will end up with the items
so carefully packed away
Nothing new can enter here if nothing old is let go...
If only I could do the same.
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She wanted me to be happy
One of the last things she told me was that she wanted me to be happy. She wanted me to take long walks in the woods and admire the green leaves around me. To marvel at the world around me with that kind of naiveté’s of a child, but able to analyze and share it with exuberance. She wanted me to be with a man I love, so long as he treated me well, and that I was with him because I loved him too. More than anything, she wanted me to be happy.  
I was her angel, she called me that in those last days as we helped and cared for her. Some kind of strange angel fighting with keeping her mind straight working through chemical equations on take home tests, writing papers, holding a job and eventually wandering home to sit next to her on her bed while we watched television and movies together and gripe about how I hate my job. In the shadowy warmth of her dimly lit room I watched as she faded and thinned, like some strange nightmare in a time lapse.
Through in my broken memory
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five second angel
My mother told me before she died that I had always been her Guardian Angel. I till this day try to wrap my head around this concept of how I could possibly be her angel. She said that I had always been there to take care of her. I guess I had to be someones angel even for a short time.
I went into the hospital for my neck, again. It always cramps up, so they give me anti-inflammatory to ease the pain. She was standing in the doorway crying talking to a police officer crossing her arms over her chest as though she were trying to cover herself up, hunched slightly. He was asking her if she needed a ride. She shook her head tears rolling down her cheeks. At first I tried to ignore her, but my curiosity got the better and I tried desperately to catch a word of what they were saying. She held herself as though she were naked in front of a crowd. I had an idea of what had happened, but I couldn't be certain.
 "I just want to get dressed!" She finally shouted. The Officer nodded solemnl
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Deaths Hourglass
It occurs everyday to think that she is dying, like the world around her, but at a much faster rate than everyone else. I Imagine him standing near her bed scythe in one hand and the swinging sand hour glass in the other only so that he can see. It's much like swallowing bitter poison each day I take care of her, watching her waste away to a hollow shell of a person that she once was. I know she's bitter too. My mother, still fairly young, and her mind slipping as her body fails. I don't blame her for being angry, she's trapped in her own mind as her thoughts come out in a jumbled mess for us to translate and her eyes only able to see down a narrow tunnel. Each day I put on a show, the mask I've so well trained to my face. People like to see me happy, but when the doors close behind me I can cry freely. Sometimes I cry for everything she's going to miss and never got to do, sometimes I cry because of the things I still need her for, for her to be at. Sometimes I cry because I feel lost
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It quickens my blood through my veins,
I hear the pulse in my ears,
the waters flow around me,
this river,
is the life that flows through me,
around me,
the wind is my breath through he trees.
I give myself to those wilds,
to that pulse of the earth,
to that greater oneness,
that the stillness of my heart looks for.
I feel the moss below my feet,
as I run through the leaves,
I hear the wolves around me,
my spirit dances to their song.
Their calling me,
calling me to sing,
while the oceans call me to dance,
to become apart of that oneness
that the calmness within my heart
longs for.
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Witches rest
forgive me now,
but I'm afraid this heart
has turned to the shadows to rest
Closed her eyes to the day
and given her soul unto the night.
Give the soul rest,
to give the soul flight,
these wounds have left my spirit weak.
That old witch,
mistress of the night,
that goddess hecate,
guards my body for the night.
Wings spread out wide,
like the ravens in the sky,
set free from this body,
to the astral planes I go,
until the sun rises,
and renewed to my body I go.
when the soul is weary
and in need of rest,
Her protection under the moon she gives,
under brightest sun,
and darkest sky,
old Hecate does provide.
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In theory
In theory I can work ungodly amounts of hours
without any days off,
and make only minimum wage,
In theory I can go days without seeing my friends
or speaking to them.
In theory I can love him,
and he won't be sad that I'm tired
and want to go to bed when I come home.
In theory I can take care of my sick mother,
who needs any extra time that I have left after work,
and needs me to help her remember how to dial the phone
because she's sick and can't remember how.
In theory I'm suppose to not be upset
when she tells me that I don't care about her,
and that I haven't come in to check on her
in days
when I spent five hours with her
as soon as I got home
the night before.
In theory,
It should be easy to make sure she's been eating
In theory
I should be able to pretend these scars,
never came from a dark time in my past.
In theory
I should be able to remind myself
that this too will pass.
In theory,
this life should be much more simple.
So many things,
are a lot more simple
only in theory.
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My throat catches a I try to speak
My heart races,
My body feels heavy,
Like my feet are sinking into the ground
The world suddenly spins around,
I feel myself about to go down…
I gasp for air
Like I'm drowning
I try to surface the darkness for air.
It feels like the blood,
Is being dripped from my veins.
My body falls weak,
And I have to lay down
Or pray to the sky,
That I don't fall down.
Stupid little white tablets,
How they fill me with dread,
They're worse than fainting,
They tear me to shreds.
The ground feels uneven,
Though perfectly flat,
Sometimes there is no strength
To bother to fight back.
So I stare at the ceiling,
And let the shadows pull me down
Or I take the pills
That are white and round.
:iconamaywolf:amaywolf 7 3


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The Problem With Mary Sue
    I think with any characterization there’s a point where you empathize, no matter how much of a deviance his or her actions may be from your understanding of humanity.
      ~Benedict Cumberbatch     
Today, sports fans, I’d like to talk about a subject that is long overdue: the Mary Sue (or the male equivalent, Gary Stu). But before I can talk about her, I think I should define what I think she is. This is important because the webs are teeming with varying definitions, and my idea of what she is may not jive with other people’s; the definition I see most often calls to mind Mary Poppins – practically perfect in every way – but I’ve also seen the opposite, where she is described as being impossibly weird. She’s got a bizarre (and an impossibly long) name, eye color, hair color, or other distinguishing feature that somehow signals she’s “special.”  
:iconpoesdaughter:PoesDaughter 182 166
cat by atmosblue cat :iconatmosblue:atmosblue 38 7 LCM: Dark Love by Rabbit-Edge LCM: Dark Love :iconrabbit-edge:Rabbit-Edge 23 6 comics of my life: different reality by NanFe comics of my life: different reality :iconnanfe:NanFe 809 56



United States
Personal Quote: "If I break the glass then I'll have to fly, there's no one to catch me if I take a dive," from the song Shatter me
so i guess i just haven't felt like doing much of anything really and anything poetry wise is first draft quickly typed out with no real thought in mind. as for drawing I haven't been doing much either especially since i dont have my scanner hooked up. i've been down for awhile so it seems getting stuff out there just isn't possible. Also i often (90%) won't post any stories or drawings i really care about to DA. there may be watermarks but there really isn't much keeping from anyone copying anything so therefore I don't post anything i would possibly consider for publishing, even though it kills me because i very badly want critiques. I suppose it is just paranoia but I can't chance it, and won't. maybe sometime soon i may but i highly doubt it.


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