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My mother told me before she died that I had always been her Guardian Angel. I till this day try to wrap my head around this concept of how I could possibly be her angel. She said that I had always been there to take care of her. I guess I had to be someones angel even for a short time.
I went into the hospital for my neck, again. It always cramps up, so they give me anti-inflammatory to ease the pain. She was standing in the doorway crying talking to a police officer crossing her arms over her chest as though she were trying to cover herself up, hunched slightly. He was asking her if she needed a ride. She shook her head tears rolling down her cheeks. At first I tried to ignore her, but my curiosity got the better and I tried desperately to catch a word of what they were saying. She held herself as though she were naked in front of a crowd. I had an idea of what had happened, but I couldn't be certain.
 "I just want to get dressed!" She finally shouted. The Officer nodded solemnly.
"I'm sure they'll bring you your clothes soon." Just as he had finished saying that a black haired nurse poked her head through the door. They exchanged words quietly and the woman raised her voice again.
"Calm down? Calm down?! How can you expect me to calm down!?" She shouted through her tears. "I'm not even dressed!" The nurse made a face.
"You're dressed." She said. Indicating to the woman's sweatpants and sweatshirt. "These aren't my clothes! I just want to get dressed and to go home!" I felt my stomach sink as I put the pieces together, looking her over. The nurse handed her her clothes through the door with a look of annoyance as the woman snatched them holding them to her chest with the greatest of desperation, as though they were the only comfort she had in the world. The hospital had started a program to give women who had been sexually assaulted sweat pants and shirts to wear and take with them while their clothes were being looked at by the forensics lab. I had seen too many other women hold themselves unknowing of their motions, tell tale signs of their attacks. She started sobbing again unable to talk to the cop anymore.
The nurse called my name and I stood up walking by her. I felt myself stop. I couldn't continue on, deep down I knew I could not continue my night without attempting some form of comfort to her, I wouldn't be able to sleep. I signaled to the nurse that I would be there in a second then I turned to her.
"I don't know what has happened to you tonight, but would you like a hug?" Opening my arms I figured she would look at me strange, but instead she fell into my arms grabbing me tightly letting herself shake with sobs. I felt myself surprised by her strength and patted her back. I wanted to tell everything would be fine, that tomorrow would be another day, that she'd forget about it, but I didn't want to lie. She didn't need false hope of that kind. She finally released me and began to wipe her tears. I patted her shoulder, "I hope things are become better for you." It was the truest thing I could tell her as I followed the nurse. I found myself getting a disapproving glance from the nurse. I smiled weakly. I didn't care if she approved or not.
When I was free to leave and the kink in my neck was finally numb, she was gone. I hoped that thing got better for her as I walked out into the cold night. I hope for that brief second being someones angel brought her some comfort.
sometimes you have to go outside your comfort zone to do the right thing, even if you don't know that it is the right thing
SerenityEryx Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
This is why I love you so much. You are the kindest, most caring person I have ever met.
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